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PS3 Firmware 1.90 Released in North America
Several useful additions this time around.
By Jared Black 07/24/2007 16:25:59 PST
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Sometime this afternoon, SCEA released PlayStation 3 firmware version 1.90. Available for download now, features of the firmware update include:

  • Users can now personalize XMB wallpaper with their own photos. Simply press triangle when viewing a picture and select "set as wallpaper."
  • Users can now change the order of the games displayed in the XMB.
  • Emoticons are now usable when sending messages via the PlayStation Network, accessible from the virtual keyboard.
  • AVCHD videos can now be played from Memory Stick or digital video camera, as well as the ability to upscale audio CD output (whatever that means). Requires an HDMI connection and a device that can support a sampling frequency of 88.2 kHz or 176.4 kHz.
  • Users can now eject discs from the options menu after pressing the PS button. Yay.
  • Users can now change display options while playing PSone games, PS2 games, and Blu-ray movies.

While not a glitzy update, it does feature a lot of neat little additions to the system’s overall functionality, so make sure to grab it next time you’re online.

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