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Nvidia CFO Hints At No Spring PS3 Launch
As if we didn't know already.
By Jared Black 02/16/2006 20:54:39 PST
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In a conference call today discussing fiscal Q4 2006 results, Nvidia CFO Marv Burkett may have once and for all inadvertently settled the industry's worst-kept secret: the PlayStation 3 will not launch this Spring despite Sony's claims to the contrary. During the conference call, Burkett stated that although the company's RSX graphics chip to be used in the PS3 is complete and ready for production, Nvidia didn't expect to receive any royalties for the current fiscal quarter ending in April.

Naturally, if Nvidia isn't receiving any royalties on the chip, that almost certainly means Sony isn't producing any consoles that use the chip. And if Sony isn't going to begin producing consoles that use the chip until after April, then of course a launch during the Spring is impossible without some sort of time travel or voodoo magic involved.

Sorry fanboys, but it's time to give in to good old common sense and count on a fall launch for Sony's uber-console.

Source: The Mercury News

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