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Ken Kutaragi to Head Sony, Bandai Namco Venture
New partnership to focus on Cell-developed software.
By Andrew Joy 01/24/2007 14:12:58 PST
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In the wake of what many have considered one of the most botched console launches in video game history, there has been a shake-up in management watching over the PlayStation 3. Following the reorganization of a few key members, it has now been announced that Ken Kutaragi has been appointed to head-up a joint venture between Sony and Bandai Namco. The new company, Cellius, will focus solely on using the Cell processor, the heart of the PS3, to develop content for the new system, as well as mobile phones and the PC.

Most see this shift as a demotion of sorts for Kutaragi, though it should perhaps simply be seen as a way to move the company and its console into a better light. Rather than simply fire the man many consider the “father of the PlayStation,” Sony can cover their bases now. If the console is a failure (which is highly doubtful, even given its rocky start), Kutaragi has already been put out to pasture and can simply be let go for good. However, if the PS3 ends up achieving the same or similar success as the PS2, we will most assuredly see the return of Kutaragi to a prominent role for the inevitable PS4.

As always though, we will continue to follow this story and be sure to keep you up to date on any new developments. So check back at VGGEN often for all the latest news, previews, and reviews on the PlayStation 3 and all your favorite consoles.

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