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PS3 Shipments Reach 1 Million in Japan
That's shipped, not sold...
By Jared Black 01/16/2007 21:46:13 PST
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PS3 launch line

Sony announced on Tuesday that shipments of the PlayStation 3 console in Japan have now reached 1 million units. Previously the company had estimated shipping 1 million by the end of 2006, putting it at just over 2 weeks behind schedule.

Despite that, the company still plans to ship 6 million units worldwide by the end of March. The shortfalls may be a blessing in disguise for Sony however, with anecdotal evidence continuing to suggest that PS3s sit unsold on store shelves throughout North America and Japan. In fact, Media Create counts PS3 sales at 527,462 units as of January 7th, well below the 1 million mark.

The company also announced that cumulative worldwide software shipments have reached 5 million units in Japan and North America combined, with 500,000 users already having gone online with the console.

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