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Gradius, Other PS3/Wii Konami Titles Live
Schmup fans rejoice!
By VGGEN Staff 01/13/2007 14:07:15 PST
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Thursday we reported on a rumor that Konami had killed several PS3 and Nintendo Wii projects, based on reports that Famitsu had left them off of its latest release list.

At the time, we commented that it was mere speculation and that the projects could very well still be in the works, and it appears that is exactly the case. Konami has denied that it has cancelled any upcoming PS3 or Wii titles, including Gradius for the PlayStation 3.

The omission was apparently a simple error on Famitsu's part, with all omitted titles very much still on track. However, rumors still persist that PS3 FPS Coded Arms Assault has been cancelled, after German site Gamefront initially reported that it had disappeared from Japanese trade price lists. Hopefully we'll find out the fate of that title as well soon.

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