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Analyst: 75 Million PS3 Consoles Sold by 2010
Sony will still win, just not as easily.
By Jared Black 01/02/2007 17:23:08 PST
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PlayStation 3

According to analysts Research and Markets, Sony will sell about 75 million PlayStation 3 consoles by the end of 2010. 

In their report, they claim that while the PS3 will still win the console value, it will do so with much fewer units than the 110 million or so PS2s sold during the last hardware generation.

"The console is not expected to dominate as much as its predecessor, the PS2, due to late launch issues in the PAL region and the early lead of Microsoft's Xbox 360," states the report.

As with all analyst estimates, this prediction should be taken with a grain of salt as things can change pretty rapidly in this business.


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