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PS3 Preorders Now Available at Lik-Sang; $0 Down
No silly bundles either.
By Jared Black 10/03/2006 18:23:11 PST
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PS3 20GB

Lik-Sang has quietly begun accepting pre-orders for Sony's powerhouse console, the PlayStation 3, and the deal is a sweet one at that.

Gamers may preorder the system by itself with no money down, and may cancel the preorder at any time. Preordering now also nets you a guaranteed spot in line on the company's waiting list, and you'll be offered a choice of the US & Japanese Premium or Basic PS3 consoles depending on the release schedule. The company also has a number of games available for pre-order with no money down.

Click here to see the deal normally, or click here for the "support VGGEN with a referral" (wink wink, nudge nudge) version.

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