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Evil Still Resides on PS3, Capcom Denies Xbox 360 Exclusivity
Good news for PS3 fans, bad news for MS' hopes in Japan.
By Jared Black 09/26/2006 11:49:49 PST
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Still on PS3

Earlier today we reported on a rumor that Capcom may have signed a deal with Microsoft to make Resident Evil 5 exclusive to the Xbox 360. According to reports, that rumor was quickly shot down by Capcom today:

"Resident Evil 5 will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 as announced. There a no plans for an exclusive with the game".

Of course, this statement does give the company some wiggle room to release the game on one platform first (just as Resident Evil 4 eventually found its way to PS2 after a limited-time exclusive on GCN), but for now we'll assume that it will be released for both at the same time.

Source: CVG

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