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PS3 WLAN Manufacturers Narrowed to Two
A key component of the system to be supplied by one of two companies.
By Jared Black 08/19/2006 08:37:41 PST
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According to DigiTimes, Sony will go with either Gemtek Technology or Foxconn Electronics as the manufacturer of the PlayStation 3's built-in wireless LAN (WLAN) module. The front runner appears to be Foxconn, due both to an existing relationship with Sony and potentially delivering a WLAN module that would also integrate memory card interfaces (theoretically saving Sony money on cost of goods sold).

Either way, it appears that Marvell's 802.11g technology will be included inside the module. Additionally, PSP WLAN module supplier CyberTAN appears to be out of the running for reasons unknown.

If I may be so bold, I would suggest that Sony go with both companies for its WLAN solution. As recent console launches have shown, it never hurts to have redundancy in your supplier base should one company fail to meet demand.

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