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Two From Software PS3 RPGs Supposedly Canned
Don't read too much into this...
By Jared Black 08/09/2006 15:24:14 PST
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SPOnG is reporting that From Software has decided to cease development on two PlayStation 3 RPG titles, one tentatively titled Dark RPG and the other unnamed. The site goes on to state that it expects confirmation of such in the next issue of Famitsu.

It's hard to know what to think about this rumor. If this is indeed true, then these two games were apparently fairly early in development. As a result, it would appear that From Software is simply delaying a full committment to the platform until it garners a reasonably-sized install base. As a result, these may yet resurface for the system at a later date. High development costs have been behind several other publishers delaying early support for the platform (including the likes of SNK and Atari), and given From's history of solid PlayStation support that would appear to be the case here.

Hopefully we'll learn more soon from Famitsu.

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