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Date & Details for PS3 Mobile Suit Gundam
Big mechs on PS3 by the end of the year.
By Jared Black 08/08/2006 14:38:49 PST
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Mobile Suit Gundam

Namco today officially announced Mobile Suit Gundam for the PlayStation 3 in North America, with a release sometime by the end of the year. The game will have "ultra realistic destruction physics" and take place towards the end of The One Year War. You'll find the press release below:

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (August 8, 2006) – Leading video game publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that "Mobile Suit Gundam," the latest and most advanced installment of the popular franchise, will be coming to the PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system in 2006.  A sci-fi action game with stunning high-definition graphics, "Mobile Suit Gundam" promises gorgeous Mobile Suit battles and the opportunity to participate in thrilling epic battles taking place on the futuristic Earth.

“Made possible by the immense power of the PlayStation 3 system, 'Mobile Suit Gundam' will take gamers right into the futuristic war zones, brought to life by both CG quality high-definition graphics and ultra realistic destruction physics,” said Naruo Uchida, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.’s Vice President.  “Along with stylized gameplay and stunning graphics, the opportunity to experience firsthand the epic mobile suit warfare will surely excite any sci-fi fan.”  

Featuring a variety of Mobile Suits from the Gundam franchise, "Mobile Suit Gundam" sets players in the latter stages of The One Year War.  Players will have the opportunity to be a commander of their own Mobile Suit battalion for either the Federation or Zeon Mobile Suit Assault Force.  As players move through the ranks, they will be able to gain access to new Mobile Suits and engage in battles with more capable pilots at their command.  

With a battalion at their disposal, players face a number of strategic options to choose from.  In order to succeed, it will be vital for players to know about specific destructible parts on Mobile Suits, vulnerable enemy facilities and whether or not to engage enemies with either short or long range combat.  Teamwork will also be a key component to the survival of every mission.  If players are successful, their chosen allegiance could be the turning point for the war in "Mobile Suit Gundam."

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