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PS3 Used Game Sales Ban "False Speculation"
Another nasty Sony rumor quickly squashed.
By Jared Black 05/25/2006 09:33:42 PST
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Speaking to, SCE UK spokesperson Jennie Kong has denied a report filed by GamesRadar yesterday claiming UK retailers have been told that used PlayStation 3 game sales will be illegal. According to the report, Sony would only sell consumers the license to play PS3 game, while the physical Blu-Ray disc would itself would still remain the property of Sony. Thus the consumer would be unable to legally resell it (not to mention the fact that Sony could legally confiscate it at any time), effectively shutting down the second-hand used game market.

"We have definitely not been communicating that. It's false speculation. We don't have any further knowledge about this topic - either officially or unofficially, to be frank."

This rumor is likely the product of some bad information, because realistically such a move on Sony's part would be an incredible blunder. Most consumers rely on the trade-in (or resell) value of their games to recoup some of the inherent costs of gaming, and of course cost will already be a huge concern with a machine retailing for $499 or $599 USD. Sony has also received a ton of negative publicity related to the DRM (digital rights management) software included in recent CD releases, and a move such as this would be playing "Big Brother" on a whole new level and inviting even more criticism. With the Xbox 360 having a huge head start and a seemingly revitalized Nintendo back in the fight, the last thing Sony needs is to alienate fans.

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