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Devil May Cry Outside of PS3
DMC4 may no longer be a PlayStation 3 exclusive!
By Andrew Joy 05/18/2006 17:30:37 PST
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In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Devil May Cry producer Hiroshi Kobayashi has revealed some big news concerning the latest game, Devil May Cry 4. Kobayashi said that he believes Dante, the series’ protagonist, may make his next-gen debut not only on the PS3 but also on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

Obviously, this is great news for all those Sony fans who might’ve been scared away by the large price tag of the PS3, as the exclusive games – such as every other Devil May Cry game to date – have been a major draw for the brand. Devil May Cry 4 will still appear on the PS3, of course, and Kobayashi said that, although he does not yet know the full power of the system, he expects the game to maintain the same look and feel of the trailer shown at last year’s E3. He also commented that the controls will be adjusted to make performing the series’ signature aerobatics and combat easier for everyone.

As to how the controls might be adjusted to make use of the Wii’s unique controller, or as to if this will pan out at all, we don’t yet know. But you can be sure that we’ll keep you updated on any changes or official announcements, so check back at VGGEN often.

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