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UK PS3 Pricing Details Emerge
More "bargain" prices from Sony.
By Andrew Joy 05/18/2006 13:04:50 PST
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Over at, they have an interesting piece about the price of the PS3 in the U.K. It seems Sony’s latest console will go for a whopping GBP 425 (United Kingdom Pounds, roughly $800 USD)!  And what’s more, it seems UK gamers may not even have a choice in which version of the console they get, as persistent rumors point to only the high-end, 60GB PS3 being released at launch.

Perhaps the thing that could be most annoying about the situation is that Ray Maguire, SCE UK’s managing director, is claiming the price to be a “bargain,” echoing sentiments from other Sony officials worldwide.  While that may be the case given the technology included, it's doubtful many typical gamers will see the price as a "bargain" in any light.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops, so be sure to check back at VGGEN often.

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