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News for March 2006

PlayStation 3 Gets A Tune-Up (03/31/2006)
Tool will help developers tweak their code for maximum efficiency.

GTA Chicago for PS3 = Hoax (03/31/2006)
Not that they aren't working on something, but the "official" website should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Playstation 3 Is Region Free (03/23/2006)
Playstation 3 to allow gamers to play any game from any country in the world

GDC-Goers Meet Resistance, PS3 Ratchet & Clank Confirmed (03/22/2006)
I-8 becomes Fall of Man.

GDC 2006: Harrison Confirms PS3 Online Details (03/22/2006)
Not much new to report unfortunately.

PlayStation 3 Will Outsell Xbox 360 and Revolution Says Analyst (03/22/2006)
Sony to be king of the hill until at least 2010.

AGEIA Physics Engine Certified for PS3 (03/21/2006)
Engine behind a number of high profile titles now available to PS3 developers.

GDC: Quazal Licensed for PS3 Middleware (03/20/2006)
Online tools now available to PS3 developers.

Japanese Developers Like PS3 Delay (03/20/2006)
Gives them longer to polish AAA titles for the system.

$8 PlayStation 3 Auction Begins Today (03/20/2006)
Of course there's a catch, but it sounds like fun anyway.

Sony Confirms PS3 Will Ship With 60GB Hard Drive (03/17/2006)
There'll still be the option to upgrade, but how will it work?

Untold Legends First Confirmed PS3 US Launch Title (03/16/2006)
SOE's hit PSP franchise to headline PS3 launch.

Final PS3 Dev Kits Coming Soon (03/15/2006)
PlayStation 3 SDK to ship in June.

PS3 Games To Be Blu-Ray Only (03/15/2006)
Backwards compatible, but no DVD PlayStation 3 releases.

PlayStation 3 To Have HDD (03/15/2006)
PS3 hard disc drive mandatory, but sold separately?

Sony Talks PS3 Online Service (03/15/2006)
...It's a little bit of Microsoft and a little bit of Nintendo.

PlayStation 3 Worldwide By November (03/15/2006)
Kutaragi to press: the PS3 will ship before Thanksgiving. Everywhere!

PlayStation 3 Delayed Until November, Says Nihon Keizai Shimbun (03/14/2006)
We may already know what Sony planned to talk about tomorrow.

PS3 Virtual Console? (03/14/2006)
Is Sony copying Nintendo's virtual console?

Sony Confirms PlayStation 3 Announcement Tomorrow (03/14/2006)
Will we finally have the answers we crave?

Mass PS3 Part Shipments to Begin Soon? (03/14/2006)
According to reports, at least one supplier has already received orders for PS3 parts.

Judge Denies Overturn of Immersion Verdict, PS3 Controller Effected? (03/13/2006)
DualShock technology infringement upheld.

PS3 Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Unveiled-ish (03/12/2006)
Has the hype machine for the PlayStation 3 come to a screeching halt?

New PS3 Details Next Week? (03/10/2006)
Koei seems to think so.

New PlayStation 3 Info @ GDC (03/09/2006)
Confirmed by the GDC Director himself.

PS3 Manufacturing to Begin in June? (03/08/2006)
At least one part of the system appears to be on track for a release this year.

Namco Prez Says Spring PS3 Launch 'Impossible' (03/08/2006)
Everyone but Sony seems to realize it now.

Sega Creating PS3 Golf Game (03/07/2006)
May be done in time for the Japanese launch too.

More PlayStation 3 Delay 'News' (03/06/2006)
A couple of misquotes and the Internet gets thrown into mini-chaos.

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